Production Update #4

What a day! We were so pumped to party GLOB LESSONS: Brooklyn style as we shot one final scene back home in NYC!

Extra special thanks to the amazing Honore Club for providing us with a little Midwestern oasis in the middle of Bushwick (seriously go grab a shot of Malort here, New Yorkers), to Greg Mailloux for running sound, and to genius angel Edmund Donovan for coming to play with us!

That's a wrap! Stay tuned for more!

Production Update #3

Hi everyone!

The core GLOB LESSONS team (Nicole, Colin, Dean, Travis, Reilly, and Matthew) has gone our separate ways (Brooklyn, Moorhead, Minneapolis) but we're all remembering our time filming in the Midwest with a chill in our bones and a smile in our hearts.

Take a look at these behind-the-scenes photos of our last few days of filming! And watch this space for more, we aren't done just yet!!

That's a wrap!!!!!

And that’s our show everybody!!!

It’s a WRAP on principal photography in North Dakota / Minnesota for GLOB LESSONS. Dreams do come true!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos of our last week of shooting, plus lots more. And thank you thank you thank you for all the support we’ve received so far. We can’t wait to show you what comes next!!!

Happy New Year!!

Happy 2019 from Team GLOB LESSONS!!! We're recovering today from an amazing first week of shooting, including a hugely successful Young Filmmakers Workshop (almost fifty area kids came to play with us!), guest spots from some people we love, and an outpouring of community support that's blown our minds! Much more to come; in the meantime check out these behind-the-scenes photos (taken by best boy Matthew Ricketts). Happy New Year all you Globbers, stay tuned!!

Back on North Dakota Today! / Call for Extras

Big thanks to North Dakota Today for having us (well, Colin) on again to chat about GLOB LESSONS!! (Check out the segment here!) We're SO excited to be offering several opportunities for the FM area to get involved with our project.

First off, we're hosting a couple of Young Filmmakers Workshops as part of production!
Here's the fine print:
Friday December 28, Ben Franklin Middle School, 9am-4:30pm
Sunday December 30, Lincoln Elementary, 9am -4pm

We've also got an open call for grownups (21+) to serve as extras / background actors for a bar scene in Fargo:
Tuesday January 8, The Windbreak (Fargo), 1pm-4pm

Come get involved with GLOBS! First day of filming is in ONE WEEK!!

Meet our design team! Part 3

Guys! We're so excited to introduce you to even more of our growing GLOB LESSONS creative team!

You might be surprised to learn that GLOB LESSONS will feature a MARIONETTE TINY TIM. We won't say too much more about it, as we don't want to spoil the wonder and magic of the scene involving our puppet friend, but what we will say is that we're THRILLED to bring LEGIT PUPPET SUPERSTAR Arlee Chadwick on board, to build us our very own tiny Tiny Tim and teach us how to use him! This marionette is going to steal the show right out from under us and we couldn't be happier.

Arlee Chadwick (Puppet Designer and Builder) has performed for kids all over the world, most recently as a puppeteer for Off Broadway's Very Hungry Caterpillar Show and as "Rose" in That Golden Girls Show! a Puppet Parody at the DR2. She also pulls strings at Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park. She has appeared as a puppeteer in international tours of ImaginOcean, The Little Prince, My Little Pony Live!, Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train Live!, and regional productions of Mouse King and Reusable the Musical at the Bronx Zoo. She has also helped many Muppets with their dance moves on several productions of Sesame Street Live.

Check out her amazing portfolio of work at

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

YOU GUYS!!! We did it!!! We are OFFICIALLY over the $20,000 mark! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to check out our GLOB LESSONS Kickstarter, everyone who donated to the campaign, & everyone who has shared our story and supported us with their time and energy. We couldn't be more grateful!


And if you would still like to contribute, there is still time! We hit our goal, but crowdfunding is only covering half our budget -- know that any support we continue to receive will be going directly into Glob Lesson's production! 


Meet our design team! Part 2

Meet more of our GLOB LESSONS creative team! We’re so pumped to introduce you to Justin Morken, our set designer extraordinaire. Justin is a Fargo native whose creative endeavors span from technical theatre to public art. As Technical Director at Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo, he’s brought new life into each Holiday with grand seasonal installations as well as vibrant sets for their spring children’s theater. His creations have also found their way into the community through a wide range of retail displays, art installations, and corporate stagecraft.

Justin’s work is STUNNING (check it out for yourself!) and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board. The sets that Alan and Jesse use for their performances in our film are characters in their own right -- what begins as something basic, uninspired, and, well, flat, is gradually transformed into something that inspires a profound feeling of depth and magic, which reflects our characters’ deepening relationship to each other and to themselves. Justin understands this journey on a fundamental level, and what he’s dreaming up to illustrate that onscreen will blow your minds (let’s just say it involves lots of found objects and lots of Christmas lights)!

We’re so lucky to have him on our team. Stay tuned for more!


Meet our design team! Part 1

As we begin to wrap up the fundraising phase of GLOB LESSONS pre-production and move closer into production itself, we're so excited to begin introducing you to our fabulous creative team!

First up is the incomparable Sandy Thiel, our costume designer. We’ve known Sandy for literally half our lives, as she served as the costume designer / coordinator for the theatre department at Fargo South High School (and indeed for many, many schools and theatre companies in the Fargo/Moorhead area). Sandy’s costumed us more times than we can count -- seriously, check out these exclusive high school theatre pics featuring her costume skills! -- and we’re so excited to be working with her yet again.

If anyone can make costume magic out of thin air, and make us both look good dressed as nineteenth century gentlemen, it’s Sandy! She's a total hero of the FM theatre scene, and it's an honor to have her on our team.

Stay tuned for more!

Colin & Nicole in  Oliver! , 2002

Colin & Nicole in Oliver!, 2002

Colin & Nicole in  Once Upon A Mattress , 2003

Colin & Nicole in Once Upon A Mattress, 2003

Colin & Nicole in  You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown , 2004

Colin & Nicole in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, 2004

More than 80% funded!!

You guys! 

We are over the moon to be past the 80% funded point! That means we have less than 20% left to go -- less than 4,000 dollars. We appreciate each and every person who has supported this campaign, it has simply meant the world to us and we are so excited to share the world of GLOB LESSONS with you!

On that note, we made a promise that when we hit our 75% funded mark, we would release a camera test that we LOVE as a special thank you. So here it is!

Some back story, from Nicole: 

Colin and I stumbled across the Mainline Bar & Grill in Downer, MN on our first scouting trip, and couldn't believe a space existed that was so perfect for his character Alan's climactic scene. 

After their theatre company folds, Alan & Jesse are resigned to returning to the lives they were hoping to move on from, but Jesse convinces Alan (whose has been wrestling with his own pathological self consciousness throughout the film) to enter a "Sexy Man Contest" at a local bar as a final farewell to performing. HE WINS BY DEFAULT (because there is a blizzard and no one shows up) but before Jesse can tell him that, he steps out onto stage, and with nothing left to lose, he goes from self doubt to completely empowered over the course of his performance. 

We love this scene and during our second scouting trip in July we brought our cinematographer Dean Peterson out to the Mainline to do some camera tests. I assumed we'd just be playing with the light with no need for Colin to perform, but Colin jumped into lip syncing with full commitment and Dean followed suit, and the result totally changed my idea of how the scene works and how we will shoot it! 

Please enjoy this first-take, one-take scene of our "sexy man contest" camera test! 

We're throwing a party!

Hi friends!

We’re back in Fargo this week to do all sorts of Glob-related things, and we’re especially excited about this one: we’re throwing a party! Our Kickstarter campaign goes live very very soon, and we want to kick it off with a bang!

We’ll be at the beautiful Wild Terra Cider & Brewing at 6 12th Street North in Fargo this Saturday September 15 from 6pm - 9pm. If you’re in the area please come by to say hello and grab a drink (wine is on us!), catch special footage from our camera tests, and learn more about our vision for GLOB LESSONS and how you can get involved.

We can’t wait to see you there!


Calling all kids -- Glob Lessons featured child actor auditions

Hi everyone! One of the things we are doing as part of our third and final summer trip to Fargo this week is holding auditions for speaking roles for elementary school aged children in the FM community. Do you know a kid who might be interested in playing a featured role in GLOB LESSONS this winter? We've already partnered with the Fargo-Moorhead Community Theater to reach out to the local community, but we want to make sure we haven't missed any kid that might be interested!

We are holding auditions next week on Friday, September 14 from 5:00pm - 9:00pm, and Saturday, September 15 from 10:00am - 1:00pm.

Auditions will be held at FMCT's Studio 6 (6 Broadway N, Fargo). You can sign up here!

Please note that these auditions are for FEATURED ROLES only! The Young Filmmakers Workshop and crowd scenes that will take place this winter will be open to any child interested participating and will not require an audition!

Check out the FAQ here if you're interested. 

Another camera test, this time with original music!

We're so lucky to have so many brilliant people onboard for GLOB LESSONS. In addition to our incredible cinematographer Dean Peterson (who was game enough to head to the Enchanted Highway to do camera tests with us this summer, despite the swarms of mosquitos) we also have the genius composer, Matthew Ricketts, scoring our film. Matthew had a hugely successful opera premiere in Montreal just this week, and his music has even been played in SPACE (this is real you guys! Check it out here!)

We set a piece of original music Matthew already wrote (and played!) for us to some of the test footage we did with Dean this summer to give you another tiny glimpse into GLOB LESSONS. Enjoy!

More location scouting/Our ND roadtrip!

Hey Glob Pals! 

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were on a 1000+ mile road trip around and across North Dakota and Minnesota. We were astounded by the locations that we found and the people that we met. This film is going to look fantastic. 

We got to meet our hero, Gary Greff, the artist who built the incredible Enchanted Highway, where one of the key scenes of our film takes place. We've been in love with and in awe of the Enchanted Highway for years, and we hope our film has even a little of the magic that Gary has created out in Western North Dakota.

With Gary Greff in front of his whirligig sculpture in Regent, ND.

Finally, here's a huge collection of images taken by our cinematographer Dean Peterson. He's a Minnesota native, but had never been to North Dakota and it was just as much of a thrill for us to see him discover how remarkable our home state is as it was for us to discover so many cinematic locations for our film. We hope these photos get you as excited about Glob Lessons as we are!