Meet our design team! Part 1

As we begin to wrap up the fundraising phase of GLOB LESSONS pre-production and move closer into production itself, we're so excited to begin introducing you to our fabulous creative team!

First up is the incomparable Sandy Thiel, our costume designer. We’ve known Sandy for literally half our lives, as she served as the costume designer / coordinator for the theatre department at Fargo South High School (and indeed for many, many schools and theatre companies in the Fargo/Moorhead area). Sandy’s costumed us more times than we can count -- seriously, check out these exclusive high school theatre pics featuring her costume skills! -- and we’re so excited to be working with her yet again.

If anyone can make costume magic out of thin air, and make us both look good dressed as nineteenth century gentlemen, it’s Sandy! She's a total hero of the FM theatre scene, and it's an honor to have her on our team.

Stay tuned for more!

Colin & Nicole in  Oliver! , 2002

Colin & Nicole in Oliver!, 2002

Colin & Nicole in  Once Upon A Mattress , 2003

Colin & Nicole in Once Upon A Mattress, 2003

Colin & Nicole in  You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown , 2004

Colin & Nicole in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, 2004