Meet our design team! Part 2

Meet more of our GLOB LESSONS creative team! We’re so pumped to introduce you to Justin Morken, our set designer extraordinaire. Justin is a Fargo native whose creative endeavors span from technical theatre to public art. As Technical Director at Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo, he’s brought new life into each Holiday with grand seasonal installations as well as vibrant sets for their spring children’s theater. His creations have also found their way into the community through a wide range of retail displays, art installations, and corporate stagecraft.

Justin’s work is STUNNING (check it out for yourself!) and we couldn’t be more excited to have him on board. The sets that Alan and Jesse use for their performances in our film are characters in their own right -- what begins as something basic, uninspired, and, well, flat, is gradually transformed into something that inspires a profound feeling of depth and magic, which reflects our characters’ deepening relationship to each other and to themselves. Justin understands this journey on a fundamental level, and what he’s dreaming up to illustrate that onscreen will blow your minds (let’s just say it involves lots of found objects and lots of Christmas lights)!

We’re so lucky to have him on our team. Stay tuned for more!