More location scouting/Our ND roadtrip!

Hey Glob Pals! 

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were on a 1000+ mile road trip around and across North Dakota and Minnesota. We were astounded by the locations that we found and the people that we met. This film is going to look fantastic. 

We got to meet our hero, Gary Greff, the artist who built the incredible Enchanted Highway, where one of the key scenes of our film takes place. We've been in love with and in awe of the Enchanted Highway for years, and we hope our film has even a little of the magic that Gary has created out in Western North Dakota.

With Gary Greff in front of his whirligig sculpture in Regent, ND.

Finally, here's a huge collection of images taken by our cinematographer Dean Peterson. He's a Minnesota native, but had never been to North Dakota and it was just as much of a thrill for us to see him discover how remarkable our home state is as it was for us to discover so many cinematic locations for our film. We hope these photos get you as excited about Glob Lessons as we are!