More than 80% funded!!

You guys! 

We are over the moon to be past the 80% funded point! That means we have less than 20% left to go -- less than 4,000 dollars. We appreciate each and every person who has supported this campaign, it has simply meant the world to us and we are so excited to share the world of GLOB LESSONS with you!

On that note, we made a promise that when we hit our 75% funded mark, we would release a camera test that we LOVE as a special thank you. So here it is!

Some back story, from Nicole: 

Colin and I stumbled across the Mainline Bar & Grill in Downer, MN on our first scouting trip, and couldn't believe a space existed that was so perfect for his character Alan's climactic scene. 

After their theatre company folds, Alan & Jesse are resigned to returning to the lives they were hoping to move on from, but Jesse convinces Alan (whose has been wrestling with his own pathological self consciousness throughout the film) to enter a "Sexy Man Contest" at a local bar as a final farewell to performing. HE WINS BY DEFAULT (because there is a blizzard and no one shows up) but before Jesse can tell him that, he steps out onto stage, and with nothing left to lose, he goes from self doubt to completely empowered over the course of his performance. 

We love this scene and during our second scouting trip in July we brought our cinematographer Dean Peterson out to the Mainline to do some camera tests. I assumed we'd just be playing with the light with no need for Colin to perform, but Colin jumped into lip syncing with full commitment and Dean followed suit, and the result totally changed my idea of how the scene works and how we will shoot it! 

Please enjoy this first-take, one-take scene of our "sexy man contest" camera test!