More location scouting/Our ND roadtrip!

Hey Glob Pals! 

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were on a 1000+ mile road trip around and across North Dakota and Minnesota. We were astounded by the locations that we found and the people that we met. This film is going to look fantastic. 

We got to meet our hero, Gary Greff, the artist who built the incredible Enchanted Highway, where one of the key scenes of our film takes place. We've been in love with and in awe of the Enchanted Highway for years, and we hope our film has even a little of the magic that Gary has created out in Western North Dakota.

With Gary Greff in front of his whirligig sculpture in Regent, ND.

Finally, here's a huge collection of images taken by our cinematographer Dean Peterson. He's a Minnesota native, but had never been to North Dakota and it was just as much of a thrill for us to see him discover how remarkable our home state is as it was for us to discover so many cinematic locations for our film. We hope these photos get you as excited about Glob Lessons as we are!

Camera Tests!

Hey Glob people!

We recently headed across the river to Elizabeth, New Jersey with our fabulous Director of Photography, Dean Peterson, to do a camera test in some GLOB LESSONS-esque locations. While it's impossible to find a true stand in for the Red River Valley out here on the East Coast, we were excited to see how the camera would hold up in different interior/exterior situations.

While we got kicked out of our first motel because they thought we were shooting a porn (to be fair, I guess there are very few reasons why someone would rent a by-the-hour room and bring a camera), we were thrilled to find out that Dean's camera choice, a Canon G6, will do a killer job of bringing the visual world of GLOB LESSONS to life! Dean has been around our project for a couple of years now (he's a fabulous filmmaker in his own right and has been a real mentor to us every step of the way) and he definitely has an innate understanding of the look and feel of GLOB LESSONS. It was thrilling to see something that has been in our imaginations for so long appear before our eyes. The camera is lightweight and portable, which will allow us to keep our film production streamlined and intimate, while still capable of capturing high quality images in low-light (key for those North Dakota winters).

We put together an edit of some of the test footage, if you'd like to get your first look into the cinematic world of GLOB LESSONS!

We are bringing Dean to Fargo at the beginning of July for our next pre-production trip! We can't wait to show him around.

Scouting in Fargo!

Hey guys! We wanted to share just a small smattering of photos from our great first location scouting trip in the Red River Valley. We were blown away by the welcome we received and we were so excited to rediscover how fantastically cinematic our homeland is, even on our iPhones.

We'll be back in July, this time with our director of photography, Dean Peterson, in tow. We can't wait to show him around!